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The system proposed by the Factory Scales Kalisto (Scales Manufacture Kalisto) optimize the weighing process, organize and automate the movement of vehicles on company area. Before the first weighing, the driver receives a transponder card issued by the dispatcher to which the carrier’s identification data is assigned.

The weighing process begins when you receive the vehicle entry permit, which is verified by the security guard. He approves the readiness of entry in the application authorizing the delivery. This program is a simple interface connected to the weighing system informing about the number of empty loading or unloading points and approving the entry queue. That program make possible to  automatic queuing and traffic management on the plant.

After receiving confirmation of entry (in the delivery authorization application), the security guard opens the barrier located on the entry gate.

The permit is issued by the weighing system, which checks whether entry to the site is possible. The current number of cars on the site is checked (verification of free parking spaces), the status of the scale occupancy and the state of readiness for the departure of cars from the loading and unloading stations.

When the car exceeds the first section of the optical barriers, the system starts checking the vehicle’s settings. The barrier located at the end of the weight will be closed, the red light will be on and the information board will start displaying messages for the driver informing about the status of the vehicle’s position: „FORWARD”, „BACK”, „STOP”. You must move the car according to these messages. When the vehicle is correctly positioned, the dispatcher receives information about the possibility of starting weighing in the weighing application. After this operation, it records the weighing result, which starts the procedure allowing the user to pull off the scale and park the vehicle in the parking. The barrier is opened and the green light turns on. Saving the first weighing results in a parallel printing of the appropriate label on the label printer in order to mark the collected sample (in case of receipt of the goods).

Subsequently, the cars that were weighed during the entrance to the complex await parked in the parking lot for further instructions related to the next stage of the process. This information is displayed on the information board (LED display) in the parking lot. The dispatcher approves readiness for loading or unloading a given vehicle (in the weighing application), activates the generation of the inscription (displayed on the external display) with the vehicle registration number and stand number (1-unloading, 2-loading). The driver of the called vehicle enters the appropriate position. The possibility of entry is additionally pictured by lighting green light on the traffic lights. The loading or unloading process begins. Completion of the process by the dispatcher results in saving the full weighing record in the weighing application and automatic printing of the weighing ticket in the porter’s lodge. Barrier and a traffic lights give signals to driver about the end of the weighing process, driver leaves weighbridge and drives towards the entrance gate. Receives a weight receipt from a security guard, and then leaves the complex.

Systems of automatic weighing

a). RCGW Tychy – Heated platforms with positioning

b). Pizzarotti – Weight powered by an alternative energy source

c). Trakcja PRKiI S.A. – Rosomak GPS system (or now Mosty Łódź).

For automatic weighing process below mentioned accessories are used. Please contact our sales representatives in order to gain more information.


The barrier is an automatic rising arm barrier type equipped with 4 meter arm with lateral support. The barrier has the ability to connect optical sensors and external lights reporting about raising and lowering of the arm. Poweredby 230 V voltage. 2 remote controls are included.


  • Traffic lights with red and green light.
  • mounted on a stage;
  • IP 65;
  • 230V AC;
  • adjust horizontally 180 degrees.


Optical sensors with single or double infrared beam.

  • max. Beam range  – 15-20 m;
  • 12V or 24V DC/AC
  • Power consumption – 0,3 W
  • Operating temperatures – 25 – +55 Celsius grades
  • NC/NO transmitter output
  • Case – splash water protected
  • For external use.

Thermal printer – Kalisto Print

Thermal printer i san easy-to-use alternative for normal computer printers that are connected with PC. In comparison to normal ones this printer is directly connected with indicator and is installed near the indicator. Thermal printer can be connected by LAN or RS232. The printer has LED lights informing about errors and end of paper roll. No special cartridge needed for the maintenance thanks to thermal print. Easy to use and handle, easy paper roll change, fast weighing bill printing.


Kalisto Print – product data sheet.

MODEL: KALISTO PRINT Paper width – 57,5 +/- 0,5 mm Power supply – AC 230 V+/-10%, DC 12V, 2A
Type of printing – thermal print Max. roll width – max. 75 mm AC/DC  Adapter – included
Print speed – 60 mm/s MCBF –100 000 000 pulses Dimensions WLH – 130 x 220 x 120 mm
Resolution – 203 DPI Emulation – ECS/POS Temperature range – 0 – 0,50 oC
Signs coding  – alphanumeric: 95 Autocutter –NO Interface– RS 232 C, IEEE1284, UsB
Sign size  –  12×24 fonts Socket type – RJ 11 Paper type – thermal paper
Sign per line – 32 Language – any

What information can be shown on weighing bill? Company name and label, address field, time and date of weighing, weighing results.

External camera

Easy to install, picture high resolution and sensitivity, high signal to noise ratio.
High image quality in low light. CCD ensures long-lasting operation of the camera.
Clear and stable picture with DSP systems and CCD.
Operating temperatures from-20 to + 60 ºc, Humidity 0-95%.

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