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The Kalisto offer can be comprehensively prepared, so-called turnkey.

From the first contact, by checking the area, preparing documentation, obtaining relevant permits, construction works (reconstruction or construction of a new foundation, finishing works around the scale) and further assembly of scales, electronics, commissioning, legalization, and if necessary configuration from the program. Pro with SAP [ERP] parent program (data exchange).

Support and consultancy Kalisto also maintains after purchasing and assembling scales or accessories to the scale.

SELENE Rail scales

Selene rail scales are modern and easy to build solution. We offer scales for European and Russian made railway trucks in foundation and foundation – free version.

Load cells

We use ZEMIC and SENSOCAR load cells in our cells. Other load cells on request.

Axis scale

A pressure of every vehicle’s axle is measured on this scale. The scale enables the summing of the results so as static or dynamic weighing.

Truck scale

Those scales are used mainly for truck measurement. Kalisto offers different solution suitable for measurement of every typical and unordinary trucks and tractors. These are steel scales TYTAN and concrete scales (HELIOS).

Electronic scales

The modern electronic scale is equipped with load cells and indicator. The platform construction can be made of steel (series Tytan, Zefir, Luna), concrete (Helios series) or concrete in steel frame (Kronos).

Belt weighers

Belt weighers DEMETER scale is mounted under conveyor belt and is used for measuring the goods transported on it.

Surface mounted scale

Surface mounted version of scale is used on tarmac, asphalt and concrete roads and yards. The ramp can be prefabricated from steel or concrete. A normal version of concrete ramp can be also build. Thanks to easy access to every part of scale and electronics the costs of maintenance are reduced.

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