Concrete HELIOS

Helios truck scale is made of prefabricated concrete elements from C60 class concrete with steel reinforcement.
That kind of scale demands high class ground works where material and measurements deviations are not tolerated. First of all a proper groundwork is built on 3 layer basis that consists from sand, crushed broken stone layer and C15 class concrete layer. Finally a prefabricated foundation and scale is laid on it. Thanks to Lego bricks like prefabrication the montage takes one or two days.
The prefabricated foundation so as the scale`s platforms have steel reinforcement in order to withstand the impact of pressure force. This construction enables the use of 6-10 load cells.
If the ramps, so as the foundation and scale platforms are prefabricated elements building permit is not necessary because all elements are not directly connected with solid ground.
Each platform weight is 12 tons, the scale is 51 cm high.

  • Max. load / Capacity – 60 000 kg
  • No. of intervals – 3000
  • Accuracy class – III
  • Length – standard 18 m, other on demand
  • Wide – 3 m
  • Distance between verification intervals – 20 kg
  • Certified distance between verification intervals 20 kg
  • Load cells class – C3
  • Power supply - 220 V/230V +/- 10%, 50 Hz
  • Working temperatures range - 30C + 40C

Max. Capacity enable in production – 100 t