Steel-concrete KRONOS

Truck scale KRONOS is a steel frame with concrete fill type of scale where the mix of steel and concrete advantages are consolidated into one, best easy to handle and use solution. Kronos is offered as a pit and surface mounted scale that consist of 2 or 3 platforms  filled with C40 class concrete (the number of platforms is fully depended on the actual length of scale). Thanks to frame construction the montage takes 1 or 2 days. Each scale is 42 cm high and one platform has 14,5 t.
Max. load / Capacity – 60 000 kg
No. of intervals – 3000
Accuracy class – III
Length – standard 18 m, other on demand
Wide – 3 m
Distance between verification intervals – 20 kg
Certified distance between verification intervals 20 kg
Load cells class – C3
Power supply - 220 V/230V +/- 10%, 50 Hz
Working temperatures range - 30C + 40C