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Software for weighting

The use of a computer program for operating a car scale gives the possibility to read weighing results in a PC. The „ScalesaPro” computer program works with Rhewa Indicators and enables you to issue a weight receipt after receiving data from the indicator or after entering the weighing result from the keyboard. Thanks to the extensive database, you can make various types of analyzes, statements for drivers, vehicles, companies and goods to be weighed. An extensive version of the „Scalesa Pro” Computer Program allows you to control a barrier, traffic lights, a transponder card reader and an industrial camera.

The versatility of the „Scalesa Pro” Program is based on the free adjustment of its parameters to the needs of all customers. It works perfectly in all branches of industry. This program enables, among others printing of a waste acceptance card at waste disposal sites and scrap points. Defined program parameters (pollution, losses, initial and final humidity) enable calculation of the actual weight of the delivered goods. The „ScalesaPro” program does not interfere with the simultaneous operation of other Windows applications and does not adversely affect the stability of the operating system. Thanks to the „Scalesa Pro” software and with the use of an industrial camera and a transponder card reader, each weighing can be documented – not only in the form of plain texts, but also in graphic form.

The „Scalesa Pro” program is adapted to work on:

  • scrap purchase points,
  • landfills,
  • cereals purchase,
  • fuel depots.

Advantages of the „ScalesaPro” Software:

  • a transparent and intuitive interface that allows quick access to key options,
  • the ability to handle a large number of weighings thanks to a modern database enabling efficient and trouble-free network operation,
  • easy program installation,
  • work in a network with any number of positions,
  • hardware requirements for program installation:
  • Pentium 1GHz or faster, 512 MB RAM, 1 x RS-232, Windows XP or newer.

Functions of the „ScalesaPro” software:

  • single weighing (known tare of the vehicle),
  • double weighing (entry / exit),
  • service weighing (simplified weighing mode),
  • tarring, simultaneous operation of three weight meters,
  • support for proximity card readers,
  • view of the list of weighings, report generator,
  • memorizing the vehicle tar,
  • working on the network,
  • printout of a receipt in graphical mode, user administration,
  • support for external displays,
  • camera support,
  • support for external devices (lights, barriers, etc.).
  • export files.

With the use of an industrial camera and a transponder card reader, each weighing can be documented – not only in the form of plain text, but also in graphic form.

  1. The vehicle’s entry into the scales.
  2. Reading the card (applying the card to the transponder card reader).
  3. When the card is read, a photo is taken by the camera.
  4. The measurement along with the photo is archived in the computer.

Together with the „photo from weighing” system, we deliver 100 cards to the transponder card reader, which can be assigned to individual drivers (the computer program remembers the settings).



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