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The car scales offered by Kalisto are solid and durable constructions, but above all they guarantee precise measurements. Appropriate preparation of the substrate and correct installation of the device allows you to fully use its capabilities in a variety of situations. The car scales available in our offer can have steel, concrete and steel-concrete structures. Each type is suitable for weighing cars with a maximum weight of 100 tons. Huge durability and load-bearing capacity – 60 ton car weight, as well as the accuracy of all measurements allows you to carry out the work data quickly and efficiently, without the risk of damage. We ensure that every 60t car weight, including the portable car scale, offered by Kalisto is easy to use and does not require many hours of training before using it. The assembly of these structures also does not create problems, and what is important, no building permits are required for its implementation. So if the device you are looking for is a precise and solid car weight, you should be interested in the Kalisto company proposal.

Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to offer you the highest class devices for measuring the weight of wheeled vehicles. Modern car scales with electronic meters produced by the Scales Calisto Factory are constructions that allow for extremely precise measurements.

Thanks to the fact that they are solid, well-made and installed, they can work for a long time and without failure. We offer inrun lifts, elevated and recessed, suitable for weighing various types of vehicles. Standard versions of our weighbridges reach up to 18 meters. Installation of scales requires a properly prepared substrate that has been previously dehydrated, lined with sand, crushed stone, and for some structures also flooded with concrete. Even a portable car weight requires a suitable floor.

No building permits are required to install balances. The correct assembly of the scales is not difficult, but you have to do it carefully, according to the assumptions given for the specification of the particular model. Only in the case of a properly conducted installation it is possible to use electronic sensors responsible for the measurement in accordance with the applicable standards. Proper installation guarantees the use of the full capabilities of the device, without the risk of weight damage. The Kalisto electronic car scales are extremely easy to use and their use does not require many hours of training.

Each scale is equipped with an instruction that allows you to master the entire device operation after a few attempts. The entire measurement is carried out electronically, only the appropriate vehicle setting and the reading of the displayed result are required for the person handling the balance. Simplicity of operation and ease of assembly is one of the basic advantages that make customers choose our weight. The Kalisto Scales Factory manufactures scales in three types, differing in their design and purpose. These are steel, concrete and steel-concrete equipment, whose profiles and descriptions are presented below. Helios concrete weight The Helios electronic car scale, with a concrete structure, is made of prefabricates, laid on a stable and hardened ground.

All these elements are perfectly matched, therefore the assembly is extremely easy. Helios is an elevated uphill weight that guarantees precise weight measurement up to 100 tons. Steel balance Titanium The electronic car weight Tytan, of steel structure is a portable device. It is extremely easy to assemble, because it was made of segments, which are assembled according to the original system, developed by the designers of the Factory of Scales Kalisto. The hardened base does not require a concrete screed. Titanium is an elevated uphill weight that performs a weight measurement up to 100 tons. Steel and concrete scales Kronos The electronic car weight Kronos, of steel and concrete construction, is an extremely durable construction, with high precision of measurement. The construction is based on a steel frame filled with concrete. It can be installed as an overhead platform raised or recessed, depending on your needs. Steel and concrete balance Kronos performs a weight measurement up to 100 tons.

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