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Waste disposal

For the largest waste incineration in Central and Eastern Europe located in Poznań, innovative weighing system was carried out directly at the weight on the touch panel. At each of the scales, there are 4 touch panels on which suppliers have the option of entering a waste code and registering weighing by the card. Weighing process is carried out automatically. Each driver has a card assigned to a given municipality and waste. One of the investors is Suez, which specializes in equipping waste incinerators with this type of solution. The ScalesaPro software was also prepared for the special incinerator needs.

In addition, two concrete weighbridges with increased resistance class B60 were installed (entry and exit). All steel elements have been mounted in stainless steel. For measuring radioactive waste we also installed a dosimeter gate before entry weigbridge.

The program includes:

– weighing record for a given car, containing the partial weights of all goods contained

in one delivery,

– a file defining the direction of supplies, a corresponding group of goods assigned to directions,

– automatic generation of a list of goods for a given direction,

– the possibility of importing goods from another group,

– generating photos from weighting results,

– two formats of weight receipts – format for a stationary printer and a receipt format for the printer

panel mounted next to the scale.

Desktop applications:

– first station – desktop computer,

– second – industrial computer built-in terminal next to weight

Unique implementation in this case was use of a dosimetric gate (for radioactivity detection), Helios – B60 weighing platform concrete with basalt, and the possibility of waste management in the ScalesaPro software.

As an alternative to touch panels, we also use transponder card readers where cards can be assigned to drivers, vehicles or goods.


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